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A Way To Wake Up To Your Business And Find Money In The Bank!

Marketing is a process that not a lot of small business owners don’t understand. They watch how big companies market their business and they think that they can do the same marketing such as “brand advertising”, and stay afloat in their business. Sadly however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see big businesses are losing A LOT of money from their ads. They have the million dollar advertising budget that allows them to spend money on ads and bring new customers in. If you don’t have 1 million dollars to spend on advertising, then I suggest that you don’t follow this form of marketing.

The best thing for you is to use something called “direct response marketing”. Direct response simply means that you’re generating a response from your ads and marketing pieces — not hopelessly waiting for months to get a prospect to contact you. Your ad either works, or it doesn’t – period. This is a great way to hold your advertising accountable, and to start earning more money than you ever did before.

Today I want to share with you a direct marketing technique that you can use to take your business to the next level. This technique is something that all business owners should include in their business, as it can make you more money on autopilot. Here’s the technique that I am talking about:

- Paid newsletters

I once heard a famous marketer say, “If you don’t have continuity or a newsletter in your business, then you don’t have a business”. This struck a chord within me because up until that time, I had no idea as to how to start a paid newsletter in my business. Then I looked around to see how others are marketing their newsletter, and that got my mind rolling as to how to start a newsletter in my business.

No matter your profession, I’m confident that you can use a paid newsletter in your business. Imagine waking up everyday, and seeing $19 sales all generated by your newsletter. If you’re like me, seeing all of those sales sends a rush flowing inside my body.

Here’s a few examples as to how to use paid newsletters in your business:

1) If you’re a family doctor, send out a monthly newsletter on how to avoid the flu and how to keep a family healthy and happy

2) If you own a barber shop or hair salon, send out a monthly newsletter on how to take care of your hair

3) If you own a bakery shop, you could send out a monthly newsletter on recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

4) And etc.

All of these ways are ways to build a relationship with your prospect, all while earning a nice income at the same time. Setting up a 20-page newsletter isn’t hard at all. Just be sure to include exclusive information that isn’t available anywhere else. So be sure to start using paid newsletters in your business today.

Good luck with using newsletters to earn more money in your business.

A High Quality Training for Vocational Education and Training System Through AQTF

People now recognized the importance of having high quality training and assessment services for those who are clients of Australia’s vocational education and training system. Conditions and standards are now being given as an initial registration of new training providers which also strengthen the requirements for those of ongoing registrations which include stronger financial viability and protection conditions. AQTF or Australian Quality Training Framework usually includes quality indicators that are designed to provide information about a Registered Training Organization performance. There are three indicators which are learner engagement, employer satisfaction and competency completion.

In order for a training organization to be registered, they must apply in the area where the organization has its head office. Registration is usually up to five years unless it is being cancelled or suspended. The training organization must pay the required fees that are being given. National consistency, responsive management systems and client service are the main focus of the AQTF standards for state and territory course accrediting bodies. If you are not able to comply with the new Australian Quality Training Framework, this will mean that your application for registration will be refused which can also result in a range of sanctions.

An individual who is in the position to influence the management of a registered training organization in any possible way should meet the individual characteristics and past behavior standards in order to gain the fit and proper requirement that is required in a person. This can be achieved by registering in the AQTF standards. There are a lot of test that is being given in order to prove whether an individual is qualified or not. If ever a person fails to meet the requirements that are being given, this may cause an impact with regards to the suitability of the individual to contribute in the delivery of education and training. These requirements may include the past criminal convictions of a person, a history of personal bankruptcy and many more.

The AVETMISS compliance or otherwise known as the Australian Vocational Education Training Management Information Statistical Standard provides a national data that ensures the consistent and accurate capture of VET information about the students, their courses and the qualifications that are completed. In addition, it provides answers about students in the VET system with regards to their identities, where they study and what they study. The applicants for initial registration do not usually have any performance history.

Applicants can however be assessed for financial viability and government risks which is based on the assumptions that are underlying their financial projections, their proposed organizational model and business plans. Furthermore, these risk indicators are assessed to determine an initial rating which will determine the level of future monitoring.